step 1

Step 1

With the help of Asin code you can access to Asin field and choose your Amazon Local website

Step 2

You can see the product appear on the product list page right after you have added it. On the page you will see the Region, Image, Title, Best Seller's Ranking, Ranking change, the product availability on Amazon and a link to Amazon.

step 2
step 3

Step 3

By clicking on the product you can see the product image, product description, product title

Step 4

By managing keywords you are able to choose the one you want

step 4

Step 5

While generating keywords, you may as well pick one from the Keyword suggestion list appearing next to it. This will help you find the right product through different Amazon Local websites

step 5

Step 6

You can dynamically check and see best seller's rankings each hour

step 6

Step 7

Follow the graphical change of keyword rankings

step 7

Step 8

See and follow the hourly update of sales reviews

step 8