Asinkey F. A. Q.

Ranking update frequency

Your Keyword Ranking is going to be updated twice per day and Sales Ranking will update once per day.

Product and keyword updating frequency

Change or update your keywords and products whenever you like.

Shall I track parent/child products?

Yes. If any parent product is added to Asinkey, all the child products are going to be tracked as well.

When do I start getting charged?

After 7 days of free trial you will be charged for the next 30 days. This process will start on the 8th day after choosing a tariff.

Keeping historical data

We keep your ranking data for a year. Your sales tracking data will be kept for a month.

The amount of products you can have on your account

It is up to you! There is no limited number for this. You may have as many products as you wish.

Is there a way to upgrade, downgrade or cancel my subscription?

Yes. It is your own choice to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription whenever you want.
If this happens within the 7 day trial you will not be charged.

How far down in the rankings will you search my product?

We look for your product on the first 17 pages of Amazon. In other words, top 260 products will be shown.