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Two Ways to Have a Growing Online Business with Amazon Services


There are plenty of ways to create an online business and earn money continuously afterwards. One of the most productive way to start an online business is using various Amazon services. This works very efficiently if you have deep insights of how it works and how to use it properly. If you become a professional Amazon seller, you will be able to make living even without other additional job.
Since competition is very high among sellers, you need to be aware about all positive and negative sides. There are several ways to make money by using Amazon services.

1. Product selling: Amazon is the largest E-commerce marketplace in the world, therefore for you it would be easy to sell products online and reach up to millions of customers every day. There are several ways to sell your products.

Sell Trade – After purchasing your products, you can sell at different prices to Amazon customers. You must pay Amazon’s fees, associated marketing and general expenses in order to use this service. After those payments, you will get a pure profit from each sale.

Arbitration of Trade – This process is very simple; you can buy something with significant discount and then try to resell it on Amazon with higher prices.

Private Brand – How does it work? You place your name on the product manufactured by another company and then sell it as a retailer on Amazon.

2. Affiliate Sales: This online affiliate-marketing program called Amazon Associates program, which allows websites and bloggers to promote or advertise products. When customers click on the link or purchases a product, the affiliate receives a commission up to 10% of the sale. This is a great deal in fact!

3. Publishing eBooks: Kindle Direct Publishing is an Amazon publishing platform and it allows authors to publish eBooks and then sell on Amazon and the Kindle Store. If you love writing books, this may become a pleasant way to make money.

4. Human Intelligence Tasks: Amazon provides a special Mechanical Turk platform, which allows people to get money for doing individual tasks (HITs). HITs are normally about data processing, website research, or image processing.

5. Handmade service: Amazon has a new service called Handmade, where people can sell handmade products. If you are into making creative and innovative handmade products, you may use this awesome service to make money.


Let’s now discuss two most attractive Amazon services!


Affiliate Amazon


1. Sell Products on Amazon with Arbitration of Trades

This is very simple and productive business model to make money on Amazon. You may use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to manage complete process. Once you buy items with significant discount, then you can resell at a markup and have a good profit after Amazon’s fees. For example, you can earn 2-3 times more money out of your products.
We consider this method one the most effective way to earn money on Amazon. Before starting your online business, just check its advantages and disadvantages. This method needs low cost, you can resell all items, very low risk to lose a significant amount of money, good way to test a new product. On the other hand, it has a limited scalability, it needs time to source products, and it considers Amazon as sole sales channel. Moreover, it has limited ways to differentiate your product/marketing.

2. Make Money by Advertising with Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program is a great way to create a successful online business and generate income very effectively and continuously. For that you need to have your own website, blog or audience where you would be referring traffic to various Amazon products with your own referral url. How does it work? When someone clicks on your trackable link, you get credit for any purchase made within 24 hours. This sounds like a great deal right!
If you create a website or blog where your audience can purchase from your links, you could have 4-10% benefit on any sales. Just imagine you can earn money while you sleep or enjoying time with family! Affiliate Program is a wonderful gift from Amazon and you should think to start using it as soon as possible.
The Amazon Associates program is scalable, you can make money passively, get free products to test, make money remotely. On the other hand, it requires time and effort to build website traffic and audience, requires some marketing skills and eventually Amazon can terminate your Affiliate Program membership.

Below you may find an example of a site that would give you a good information how this method works. You can simply click through on the link and purchase from Amazon.

In conclusion

If you want to have online growing business with Amazon and continuously earn money from home, then follow our tips and start deep research to create something new. Pick up Amazon methods and open your own location-independent business.
We recommend you to use Amazon keyword tools to promote your products, add more keywords for searching, record a product location, get info about the sell, etc. One of the best Amazon keyword tool for sellers is AsinKey. You may try trial version and enjoy all benefits. This will help to manage your Amazon product selling or advertising.
With a good strategy and some efforts, you can make a good living by using the Amazon marketplace.

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