How to Sell Amazon Products in Foreign Markets

How to Sell Your Amazon Products in Foreign Markets Successfully

Amazon has fourteen global marketplaces and they give an excellent opportunity for you to grow your business and go into new customer bases across the world. A crucial part of growing your business across borders is to be sure you can communicate with your foreign customers.

If you’re trying to expand your sales outside of your marketplace and you’re not sure how to create product listings for a new Amazon marketplace,  you can go on reading and find out how to sell your products successfully to Amazon customers in foreign markets.

Thinking Like a Local

Thinking like a local

Before you ask the help of a translator to write your product listings in another language, you should take some time to actually research and understand your new customers.

Doing a cultural research

When starting selling in a new country or region, you should do an in-depth study to learn their linguistic peculiarities and customs. Your research may be as simple as watching your favorite TV show or movie with subtitles, or taking a class to learn the grammatical rules and nuances of the local language.

When you learn about a culture you’ll see what customers look for in a product. For instance, in Japan, it’s not polite to not remove your shoes before entering a home. and this has given a boost to an enormous sock culture and marketplace. Without learning about Japanese sock etiquette as bare feet are considered rude, sock sellers could miss out on a large customer base.

You should do online research to find out about popular holidays and holiday gifts of that country. This will give you an overview into what customers want to buy and when they purchase it, so you can be sure to have the right items in stock. For instance,  U.S. customers would be adrift without candy canes at Christmas.

Doing a keyword research

Keyword research can be a fast and easy way to become familiar with linguistic peculiarities and differences. This discovery process will allow you to learn what people are actually searching for.  It will help you understand trending terms and not very popular phrases.

For instance, by finding the right words to communicate with your customers, you can make business decisions that can give a rise your product listings and increase your sales.

Optimizing your listings with your new customers in mind

Optimizing your listings with your new customers in mind

You can use these tips when creating or updating your Amazon product listings.

Avoiding using idioms and slang.

Sometimes an everyday used expression in one language makes absolutely no sense in another foreign language because the meaning of the phrase does not correspond with the literal translation of the words. Avoiding these kind of phrases will help guarantee that your customers get and gain information from your listing.

Using simple language.

You should stay away from complex tenses and overall sophisticated words. You should try to use a language that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Also you can try to avoid communicating too many ideas within a single sentence or paragraph. This will minimize the potential to get confused.

Creating a better customer experience in the target language.

When you start writing your listing, you should keep in mind the following guidelines for each section.


Your titles should be simple, include your brand, product type, color, size, and quantity. While the order may vary according to the language, punctuation should be used for easy reading. The most proper and keywords with highest search results for your product should be in your title.

Bullet Points

They are best used to convey information quickly to the customer. You can choose an important aspect of your product for each one. In precise language, you can describe that characteristic i.e. size, material, color, etc, and then move on to the next bullet point.


This section is a perfect place for your long tail keywords or keyword phrases. However, you should remember to maintain your original language simple in preparation for your translation. Vendors use this space differently. Some just give the products description while others give long explanations of its multiple uses. Whatever approach you take, you should keep the present tense. It may sound basic in your native tongue but that’s normal! You should keep in mind r to write in complete sentences in this section.

Search Terms

In this section you can enter any keywords you couldn’t place your title, description, or bullet points. These keywords aren’t seen by customers, but Amazon still applies them in their search algorithm. You should always try to include as many keywords as possible in your listing because you only have 250 bytes in this section. You may not stuff this section with misspellings or plurals as the Amazon algorithm accounts for those.

Amazon requires that your product listings and customer services for every marketplace should be provided in the local language. Amazon’s focuses always on the customer, and it improves the customer experience all around the world while also keeping the quality of the Amazon brand.


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