Amazon Affiliate Program

How to Make Money with an Amazon Affiliate Program

Do you want to build a new business that does not require any inventory or startup capital, can be conducted from anywhere in the world and can generate cash even when you sleep? Then you should start Amazon Affiliate Program soon as possible! It allows advertising any products on Amazon and getting a commission up to 15% on each sale that generate for Amazon.


What is Amazon Associate Business model and how does it work?

In order to start this business model, you must have a website. Later you can generate website traffic and refer it to Amazon. You need to choose a website and topic that is targeted around one niche and write about it to establish authority. The content can be about informative overviews, product reviews, product comparisons and videos. To make it simple, creating this type of content can let you successfully refer consumers on to Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Program


Niche Research and Validation of Demand are Important!

Since competition is very high for each niche, therefore you must consider the importance of niche research. Eventually a good product is one that has significant demand and limited competition. There is organic traffic for niche sites and physical products. People search for a product and base their decisions on the results it pop up. For niche sites, by using Google traffic it’s possible to determine how many people are searching and what they are searching for. For physical products, Amazon search traffic is the best.

If you want to find products or niche on Amazon, you should look for keywords on the search bar. One secret you must know, that usually preferred product appears in the search result only if all the keywords are involved in the listing. Therefore, if you want to discover Amazon keywords and make your job easier, you should consider using Asinkey, because it guarantees 100% result. Asinkey is a perfect keyword tool for Amazon sellers that involves thousands of keywords for SEO purposes. It is a great tool to use completely free for the first 7 days.


How to identify if your product has a good quality for Amazon Affiliate Program?

There are some important criteria to find a good product:

  1. There are lots of related products or not on Amazon.
  2. Prices are good or not.
  3. Sales volumes are good or not.
  4. People are leaving good reviews of the product or not.
  5. People are willing to buy those products or not.

Fortunately, there are tools to quantify how many people are searching for various keywords.


Create a good Content Plan

The mail purpose of creating a content plan is to get your niche site ranking on Google for the main keywords you are targeting and the best solution is to build a content-rich site. In your website you need to add informational content and product reviews to get people to purchase on Amazon.

You may follow these simple rules to have a good content plan:

  1. Create supporting articles of 600-1000 words.
  2. Write at least 30-40 articles.
  3. Link building strategy, when you get other websites to link to your page.


Improve Digital Marketing Skills

We recommend to always do research on digital marketing, because you are creating a website that needs to gain traffic from search engines and other sources, in order to refer people to Amazon and make you money.

When you add products on Amazon, you believe it is a powerful marketplace to make sales and profits. You need to have a deep insight of digital marketing, you must know how to navigate the digital marketing world and pay attention to the likes of Google and other search engines.


In Conclusion

This review gave you more insights about Associate Program and you may consider starting a new Amazon business soon. If you have any question or suggestion, let us know in the comments!

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