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How to Improve Your Amazon Product Info

If you are in Ecommerce businesses and want to always stay competitive among other sellers, you should learn how to improve your product info and description in order to make it attractive for shoppers. Thanks to seven basic steps, you can continually improve your product pages and make your product very competitive.


  1. Photos & Videos

You don’t need to have a very expensive camera to make nice pictures. If you keep in mind several points, you may have professional photos. Shoot your products against neutral background, make you camera high resolution, fix your camera on something to reduce unexpected shakes, zoom in for important details, try shooting from different angles and optimize the light to pick up the best photo. You can also add videos to give a complete description of your product. You can make short videos that would help shoppers to get better idea about your items.


2. Reviews Section

It’s recommended to have a special section for reviews and feedback. You can describe your product with text, photos and videos to your potential customers, but in order to improve everything you should get real reviews from real users. This also helps shoppers to have more idea about your product and decide whether they want to buy it or not.


3. Elevator Pitch

Why do you need a perfect elevator Pitch? It is known that if you can’t explain your product simply, you don’t really understand it well. You should inform your buyers about your brand in interesting and attractive way. Therefore, keep it simple and informative. Within 30 seconds elevator Pitch you should give a brief info about what you sell and why shoppers should buy it. Elevator Pitching skill you can learn and develop during time.


4. Spelling & Grammar

Pay attention on spelling and grammar of your product description. Both are very important, so don’t ignore and spend some time to improve your text. Moreover, you may ask someone to edit your text as well for double checking. Additionally, you should arrange words into sentences to give a powerful impression and show exactly what you are selling even without pictures. Your text must completely describe everything, so your customer could almost feel your product with all senses.


5. Identify Audience

It is crucial to know who is your audience and why they would be interested in your products. For example, if you sell expensive costume then use more elegant language to describe it. Or if you are selling sport shoes then use short sentences. Another example, if you sell something for children then explain to parents how your product could help them and their baby. Depending what you are selling and who are your customers, you should adapt your text accordingly.


6. Less is More

Don’t overload your product page with text and pictures. Customers should not spend too much time to get a quick idea about what you are selling. Instead make everything very short but informative. People don’t want to spend their precious time on reading long description or watching too long video about your product.


7. Contact Information

Always add your contact information in place where it’s easy to spot. People will always contact you, does not matter they complain or make a compliment. If you add your contact info in very visible spot, your shoppers would like it for sure. When people buy items online, they feel more secure if can contact you anytime and get prompt reply to their questions or issues. Therefore, in order to create a good relationship with your customers always add a comprehensive contact info.

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