Amazon Customer Loyalty

How to Improve Customer Loyalty on Amazon

When you are selling something, there are two ways to conduct sales. One is continually searching and finding customers, second is trying to keep exciting customers. And it’s the best to combine both ways to have the most productive option creating a powerful customer loyalty.  The value of trust and reputation is very important among customers. Therefore, you can follow 5 tips below to build an excellent customer loyalty.


  1. Transparent

You should be open to your customers and you may gain their trust/loyalty. When you have some mistake, it’s better to explain how you are going to fix it and tell about the results. It would not be a good idea to lie or try to escape the issue. In this digital world, you will have a few seconds before bad or good news spread around and you are not able to hide things. So it’s better to be completely transparent with your customers.


  1. Consistent

What does it mean? For example, if you promise something to your customer and after acting differently, it influences a lot and they are losing their trust. Being predictable is the best way to build trust among your customers. For instance, keeping your logo the same or don’t change returns policy.


  1. Loyalty Programs

You should try to build loyalty programs for your customers. For example, you may offer this option like if they buy 4 items from you, can get 5th completely for free. It’s a good deal for both sides in fact. This kind of program you may call loyalty program, and it’s good to build multiple programs. They should be very simple, can be points/bonus collection or some discounts.


  1. Customer Support

Excellent customer support is the best solution for long term goals and successful sales. When you have happy buyers, you will gain loyal buyers. For example, if the same person always cut your hairs and you already trust her/him, it’s becoming easier to keep doing that process and you don’t have to find alternative options to Google a new good hair-cutter. It’s always easier keep buyers that you got during time than find new ones. Therefore, treat your customers with an excellent support service.


  1. Customer Base

The last but not the least point – focus on your exciting customer base. We can take as an example Apple or iPhone brands, because their products are too expensive compared to other brands. Although they are overpriced but still many people are willing to buy their products, moreover customers are ordering new items many months in advance before lunching. So what is the secret? It’s very simple, those brands work very hard to keep existing customers and that’s why buyers want to stick to them continually. Your goal is to have buyers that feel the same way to your product and they should be 100% confident that your product is the same what they are searching for.


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