Amazon SEO Keywords

How to Improve Amazon SEO and Find Profitable Keywords

When you place your product on Amazon marketplace, in order to have better product’s organic rank you should search for profitable keywords to optimize product listings. Understating how Amazon SEO works and how improve it, would boost your sales. There are some basic steps that you can follow to improve your Amazon product SEO.


  1. Target SEO & Audience Interests

Before thinking how to improve your Amazon product SEO, first of all you should understand what your audience interests are and how to target SEO. Amazon SEO works different way than Google SEO. Compared to Google, with Amazon you have to give more details. So depending what type of product you are selling, you can add the name of your item. For instance, it can be “phones”, “shoes”, “cloths”, etc. Your competitors also use profitable keywords and you want to know them. AsinKey keyword tool allows tracking competitor products and keywords. Thanks to AsinKey you can identify who are your competitors and how to improve your products to have better ranks.


2. Know How Amazon SEO Works

Amazon created special way how sellers can put their product information in search engine, therefore if you want to have better ranks you should understand well how Amazon SEO works. In fact it’s easier than Google SEO because Amazon did research for you already. You just need to give special words or phrases that are associated with your products. The main goal of Amazon is to sell your products, that’s why just have to follow Amazon SEO rules and you will be able to sell more.


3. Write Informative Description

When you placed your product and filed all registration parts, then you have to become creative and add more description. Your main goal is to write a description that will convert it into sales. It would be better if you tell how your product works than just describing. Explain why shoppers need it and how your item can satisfy their needs. Just remember, never keep fields empty and always fill some information there. Shoppers don’t treat empty fields positively.


4. Search for Valuable Keywords

Keywords are a string that contains one word and long-tail keywords are a string that contains more than two keywords. Keywords and Long-tail keywords are important because they are the main component of online search. And if you have more searches, then you will have more sales.

Adapt your product keywords according to your competitive product’s keywords. AsinKey helps to find and generate keywords with high search volume and low in competition. Those keywords are profitable and you may add in product listing to have more sales after some time.


5. Be Consistent

The key to success is to be unique and creative. If you know the special designing of Amazon search engine and what type of information can rank high your product, then stick to the same line to improve your product SEO. Keep attention that your product titles always have the same order of keywords. In product description you may add all additional information to nicely show what you are selling.

For Amazon sellers we recommend to use their time productively and make some efforts to improve product SEO. That would help to make your listings more visible and eventually have more sales.

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