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How to Effectively Pursue Manufacturing Stages as an Amazon Seller

Once you find a perfect product after long efforts, afterwards you need to source it from manufacturer. This is very important process and you must ensure to manage various Manufacturing stages correctly. You need to set up a good relationship for the lifecycle of your product. For Amazon sellers, effective manufacturing is a key to success.

When you are just starting selling, it is very important to know how to get a product from the factory to your customer. This process can facilitate or break your business depending on how professional you are performing all stages. That is why setting up effective relationship with manufacturer will become a key to your business success.


How does manufacturing process work?

First step is to find the right manufacturer to work with. This quite complicated process can take months. You need to find a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer.

Manufacturing Stages


  1. Sampling

Sampling is your first step in production process. You need to test a manufacturer in order to be sure they can produce your product before you run into whole production process. After testing, you will be able to understand exactly how your product will come out and you can make some necessary changes in the process if needed.

In order to start producing a sample, you should send specifications of your product to your manufacturer. It is possible to make design drawings and write about the size, colors and logo information. For technical hardware products, it is possible to make a CAD file.

Then if manufacturer confirms those specifications, you can move forward in the sampling process. Samples for products like cloths can take under two weeks to produce, on the other hand for technical products it requests even months. Those details are good to know before starting whole process. Once samples are ready, you may use air freight or international courier in order to do shipping without troubles and within short time.


  1. Confirm your Sample

Once you get samples, its time test it several times. Testing period of clothes does not need too much time. For electronic products, you should consider more time and it is better to find a local expert to test it. When everything is fine, you can move forward to production.

If you sample does not meet your expectations, you can either ask the same manufacturer reproduce it again or if you can find other manufacturer.  That is why it is always wise to find a several manufacturers in advance, just be make sure about saving time and energy.


  1. Production

Production stage is not as complicated as it sounds and to have a good production run you must stay in touch with your manufacturer. For better communication, there are several tips:



The best communication way with your manufacturer is using messenger apps instead of simple email exchange. For example, you can use Skype or Whatsapp in order to have a fast and effective communication.

During production process, you can stay in touch with your manufacturer 2-3 times a week. This will help to build a good relationship with your manufacturer and create long-term business success.



In most cases, production runs with a payment of deposit and usually payment terms are like 30% in advance, and 70% after completing whole production. Once you confirm your samples with manufacturer, it is better to pay 30% to get started production right away.


  1. Payment to Manufacturer

When production is completed, then you need to make final payment. The most common way of payment is wire transfer. It has some risks, but it is the most affordable method so far. Your manufacturer can confirm the bank details via email and/or messenger app.

Be Careful with Fraud! The common way to fraud is when others hack into the manufacturer’s server and send emails pretending to be your manufacturer. They can just edit the bank details of an email and this fraud you can notice only after payment.

Other payment option can be PayPal. This became very popular last few years. Although they fee is percentage based, the large transfer is not feasible because you will be paying more to PayPal.


In Conclusion

For any Amazon seller taking these steps are important to starting on the right foot and it will get you closer to your business dream. Selling on Amazon has become easier than ever with tools available. AsinKey helps to find right keywords and by generating keywords for better Amazon SEO would help to boost your product location. This makes easier for buyers to find your product.

Now that you have a complete idea about manufacturing stages, it is time to find a manufacturer to work with and get started!

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