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How to Attract More Traffic to Your Amazon Products

After placing your products on Amazon marketplace in order to have more sales you should bring more traffic to your products. In general, good traffic is the key to successful any eCommerce business. More traffic will bring you more sales and more profits. Let’s discuss the most productive ways to enhance traffic to your Amazon products.


  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are one of the best traffic delivering tool recent two years and will become dominating online advertising tool in 2018. Hubspot study results show over 200% increase of traffic when you use Facebook Ads compared to traditional email marketing. Facebook Ads can allow you to market your Amazon products and engage people to your brand. This creates a tight connection between your current and future customers, because customers will get updates continually.


  1. Influencer Marketing

What is exactly influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is growing up quickly allowing you to drive targeted traffic by growing social followers on Instagram, Twitter, etc. In various social networks influencers can advertise your products or brand. Influencers can create an atmosphere of trust before customers click on your Amazon products link. Instagram is a great platform to place pictures and videos; therefore it can become a very helpful social network for influencing marketing. Influencer marketing is an awesome engagement strategy and Amazon sellers will succeed to consider it.


  1. AdWords Optimization

Google AdWords brings a huge traffic to your Amazon products if you are able to make a correct optimization. But it will give results if you monitor and optimize correctly. Therefore, you should have some experience and patience to continually optimize your search campaigns to get the best traffic for your advertising products.

If you automate most of optimization process, you can save so much time and energy in order to spend time on other valuable duties like creating Amazon PPC campaigns or improving Amazon SEO. If you learn how to do automation within AdWords you will gain a game! Other option is hiring a specialist or use special apps traffic booster that manages your Google AdWords and campaigns to help you get the best traffic for your product.


  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one the cheapest and best traffic bringing method for Amazon sellers. If you can optimize your email settings accordingly, you can drive a lot of tariffs to your Amazon products. In order to bring a lot of traffic you can’t just send some simple promotion mail about your products. You need to engage and motivate your potential customers to buy your products.

You can for example run personalized targeting emails by understanding what your future customers exactly need and why your product can be useful. This can give a successful outcome. You may use various email platforms (MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.) to run email campaigns automatically and drive traffic to your products or brand.


5. Content Marketing

This type of marketing grows slow and must run for long term for SEO improvement. It takes long time to see results, but content marketing is crucial to drive more tariffs to your items. You can for example run your own blog with articles and videos. Your blog’s content will improve your Amazon listing traffic. You can make content about your product or special offers, create video tutorials or advertising. All these you can share on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or somewhere else to have even more traffic from your blog’s content. You don’t need to make so professional videos to promote your items and it does not require so much time from you in fact.

For instance, this Halloween Minion costume video with very cute baby got more than 1 million views on YouTube. This might give you an idea how powerful can be social media marketing to drive more traffic 😉

Minion Baby


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