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AsinKey – A Highly Functional Amazon Keyword Tool

Selling on Amazon is not so easy if you don’t have a potential product that can give higher conversion and increased ROI measures. Nowadays, when you just list any product on Amazon without any research and you get the sale. As for now, there are many ‘masters’ of Amazon sellers who generally do all the research and gain a potential winning products that will help them in getting more sales.

Having only a product will not help you in getting sales. Here how you can do a Keyword research for Amazon.

If you only have a product that will not help in getting sales and conversions.You need to do proper Keyword Research for Amazon. Doing keyword research for Amazon marketplace will not only help you in getting more sales but it will also help you to finding right customers.
You should do a proper keyword research for Amazon marketplace so that you can discover the hidden opportunities. While doing a successful keyword research you can find many tools in the market that will help you with all kind of keyword research.

The more specific you are, the more relevant results you will get, as here only the correctly chosen keyword research tool may be able to do the trick for you. You need to find a tool that is especially built for Amazon marketplace. There can many options available, but you need to find the most reliable, accurate and affordable tool that can help you to build successful Amazon keyword research campaigns.
Now let’s get acquainted with an affordable and legit solution for your Amazon Keyword Research.

AsinKey – A legitimate Keyword Research Tool that will help you to improve your Search Traffic, raise your rank and get more sales and conversions.

About AsinKey

AsinKey is a powerful Amazon Keyword research tool that helps in optimizing product listing and reaching the highest rankings. It is a tool designed by a group of professionals that can help you in finding the right keywords for your products with that you can improve your Amazon sales by 200%.

The aim of AsinKey is to simply assist Amazon FBA sellers and provide the relevant features and functionalities to improve their product sales with the help of a legitimate Keyword Research Tool.

With the help of following tools you can make your product have a great as AsinKey offers a unique solution for selling on Amazon and staying on the top of Amazon rankings. This tool is trusted by more than 3K+ sellers, they have 20K+ products, and a huge database of 80K+ keywords.
AsinKey is a tool that requires no technical knowledge. It is very easy to work with AsinKey. Here you can easily find the right keywords for your products with just a single click.

This tool also makes keyword tracking constantly tracking your Amazon keywords for 24 hours a day.
How does AsinKey work?

As we have mentioned earlier the functioning of this tool is very simple and straightforward.

Let’s find out how AsinKey- Amazon Keyword Research Tool actually works.

Step 1: Add Products

Add Products in asinkey
After buying and setting up the tool you can just insert your URLs or the ASIN right into the search box, set the right region, and add the products right to the list to add the product.When you have done with adding the products you can get started with Keyword Research, tracking, and optimization.

Step 2: Enter Your Keywords to Research

When you are done with adding your products to the list it’s time to do the keyword research. Here this tool provides a great number of keywords suggestions with the estimated monthly search volume for each keyword that you can simply use for your product optimization.
To improve the ranks and sales as well you should just find the best keywords with the highest search volume

Step 3: Track Your Keywords Rankings

Track Keyword Rankings
Now in this step, you need to track your keywords rankings and monitor how they are generally acting over time. This keyword tracking will give you an overview of your ranking and being based on it you can optimize your listing. This tool you can easily and quickly track both the organic and sponsored ranks. You can also track and manage the both campaigns right from one dashboard.

Step 4: Optimize Your Product Listing

Optimize your product listing
The Amazon listing optimization includes the product title, descriptions, images, the bullet points and more. In order to get more results, you should follow all the instructions that are given in AsinKey.

Step 5: Follow the Negative Reviews

Follow negative reviews
It is a well known fact that reviews for any product are very important. In most of the cases buying a product relies on positive reviews. Don’t worry here you can monitor your reviews and start using all of the possible strategies to improve them.

Step 6: Get the Super URLs

get Super URLs
The super URLs come as an exceptional tool for increasing your product rankings along with improving the performance of your listing. This tool mainly creates super URLs for your products so that the products search results can be improved and get more traffic.
This tool will help in getting external traffic right from the seller’s website, social media ads, and email marketing along with blog post too. And a pro advice from our side, you can include your keywords in the URL and just get started ranking for a specific keyword.

Asinkey-Pricing List

Pricing Plans
AsinKey pricing plans are very flexible as they offer 4 different plans. The basic plan is 19.99$  monthly  and a professional plan is 199.99% monthly which offers unlimited opportunities in AsinKey.



Here are all the necessary details about AsinKey, and now it’s your time to make a move. If you really want to have a raise in your sales and conversions then you should get started with AsinKey right away. The tool is greatly useful and will help you in growing your search traffic, improve your rankings along with getting more sales.

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