amazon listing optimization in 2019

Amazon Listing Optimization in 2019

Having a well optimized product listing on Amazon is your very first step to improving your sales and gaining new customers. Though this may seem not so simple at first sight I’ll tell you the opposite. There are exact points you should follow while creating a new listing. If you do not, your product will get lower chances to rank high. Herein, product listing optimization really deserves your attention and you should ensure that your listing is well optimized. And what will give it to you?

  • Higher product rank on Amazon
  • New customers
  • Increase in salesamason sales increase

The Structure of Amazon Listing Optimization

Amazon product listing optimization consists of 7 main steps –  these are the essential ranking factors that help to boost a product in search results: And what are the main factors you should follow in 2019 ?

  1. Keyword research
  2. Product title
  3. Product listing description
  4. Bullet points
  5. Product images
  6. Super URL
  7. Rates and reviews

Now let’s go with each point separately to see why they are so important and how to optimize a listing to meet the requirements.

Amazon Keyword Research

amazon keyword research

Correct and deeply done keyword research is the core of optimization. This becomes even more important if you deal with product sales. You should think of such terms that customers search most frequently. In this difficult situation there are certain tools that come handy. One of them is Asinkey, a highly functional and meanwhile simple tool that allows to do Amazon keyword research and tracking, as well as optimize the full listing. It gives keyword suggestions with corresponding search volumes. You should analyze and select the best ones you want to rank with. Then it comes to optimizing your full listing by these keywords. According to most sellers changing keywords in their listings causes immediate rank improvement. So you can try yourself by adding keywords to your product title, description, features and URL and track the ranks to see if you have any increase.  

Product Title

amazon product title

For a good product title you should first of all take into account the character number. There is a limit you should not exceed – 250 characters or 50 words. Since you have already chosen the best keywords for your product it’s time to use them in your title –  they have a great effect when used in title.

Always remember that you should write user friendly titles, not only for Amazon algorithm. Use such features in your title that may add value to your product, here you can think of such things that will make your product stay distinct from competitors. This will help to keep the CTR high.

Product Description

amazon product listing description

Your product description should not pass 2,000 character limit, that’s about 300 words. You should use this space to describe what your product is, why it is used and why it is the best one on the market.

  • Make sure the description you write is easy to read, keep it relatable and make the visitors believe that your product is of high value and they need it
  • Clearly mention the product features and key points
  • Use your target keywords in your description, however note that this doesn’t mean you should do keyword stuffing.

Bullet Points

amazon listing bullet points

Here you have a nice opportunity to include several bullet points and mention your product key features point by point. It’s recommended to include at least 5 bullet points in a listing so that you do not overpass 1,000 characters (250 words). How should you create bullet lists? Here I’d give you some advice:

  • Exactly state the reasons why a visitor should buy your product, what features and benefits your product has
  • Explain what functions your product does, what its privileges are over competitors
  • Mention the quality and the material your product is made of
  • If you offer some guarantee or warranty, don’t remember to include it here
  • If your product has some exceptions of usage, mention them here
  • Think of such points that your customers may be interested in, since each product has different features and functions.
  • And finally, start your listing from the most important points so that visitors do not skim.

Rates and Reviews

amazon product reviews

Product rates and reviews play a great role in deciding whether to buy a specific product or not. In such a highly competitive market it’s perhaps the most important thing to have and keep positive reviews, just even one negative review can have a bad impact on your sales. If you’re in the 4-5 star realm, that’s perfect, this means you are doing really well. But what if your product gets lower rates? First of all you should be aware of this as soon as possible. For this you can again rely on Asinkey. The tool tracks your product reviews and as soon as you get a negative review from a customer you’ll be immediately notified about it. After this you can take measures to increase your product rates:

  • Look at the bad reviews and check whether they correspond to the product, is there something wrong with the product and should be fixed.
  • Ask for more reviews from customers –  positive reviews can balance out the overall rating.
  • You can also take customers’ feedback through automated email campaigns.

As a seller, however, you should know that negative reviews are unavoidable. You need to offer a good product, set a reasonable price and provide professional customer support.

Product Images

amazon product listing images

You can agree that images are our first impression of a product. Here comes the importance of quality images that can best show your product. You can have max. 9 images including one featured image. Want to know how to create your images for best results?

  • Set the correct image size – the images should be at least 1000 x 500
  • The featured image should be on a white background and not include anything  like watermarks and so on that can deceive a customer
  • Use multiple images that can show the product from different angles, zoomed in and out.  
  • Use professional photography to have high resolution images
  • Have some photos that will show the size and scale of the product
  • You can also take some interesting photos to show the product in use.

Super URLs

amazon product URL

Amazon Super URLs help to get external traffic from such sources like your website, blog, social media and PPC campaigns, etc. You can also use your target keyword in a URL. Asinkey provides such an option where you can easily generate Super URLs and use them for your product traffic and awareness.


As you can see from these 7 points Amazon listing optimization is a continuous process that should be followed carefully to give its nice results. Keep analyzing, improving and tracking your products all the time if you want to have them rank well and help to increase your sales.



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