Amazon Keyword Tracking

Amazon Keyword Tracking

Amazon slowly but surely is becoming the go-to platform for online shoppers. In fact, 49% of US online transactions are taking place on this platform. Learning about this trend, businesses of all sizes started joining the Amazon platform, having a hope to generate more sales. And finally, the Amazon online marketplace became highly competitive with a great amount of products available for shoppers worldwide.

Amazon ranking algorithms may seem to users like it is reading their minds. It helps Amazon better understand the essence of consumer words and change them in a real search query which will be satisfying a great deal of relevant search results.

When you finish your Amazon keyword research and product optimization, you should find out the ranking development of the optimized keywords. It is the greatest feature to show that the realized optimizations are getting better on rankings.

Why is It Important to Increase Ranking on Amazon?

Why It is Important to Increase Ranking on Amazon

The increasing of your product ranking on the Amazon platform is crucial as the sale of the product depends on the visuality and the visuality itself depends on your ranking. Firstly, you should know that only 10% of queries on Google finish up with a purchase. The statistics that describe the audience, who are using keyword tracking tool on Amazon, tell a different story.

The products that are found on the first page of search results on Amazon “digest” most of the clicks. To be more correct, 65% of clicks take  the first 3 products.

To be the first in the ranking list is the final goal for most of the sellers because 35% of shoppers click on the first product on the Search engine Results Pages (SERP) of Amazon.

The search results found on the first page of Amazon SERPS catch 81% of clicks. That is why renowned brands give serious efforts to developing comprehensive optimization strategies.

How to Track Products’ Keywords Ranking on Amazon with the Help of AsinKey.

AsinKey daily updates the rankings, so you can constantly check your ranks and make necessary improvements for better results. This is a great tool for Amazon keyword tracking – both for organic and sponsored ranks. You can manage both campaigns from one dashboard easily.

You can see who your main competitors are on Amazon, and by creating various strategies you can improve your organic rank and have more improved sales. With the help of keyword tracking tool you can raise your product’s organic rank and have more sales.

Using the rank tracker you will be able to track the rankings of the keywords you have utilized and track both Organic and Sponsored rankings with AsinKey. This Amazon tool is ideal for both organic and sponsored campaigns. This tool looks for your product on the first 5 pages of Amazon or in other words top 90 products will be shown.

Organic rank graph

(Organic Rank Graph)

Sponsored rank graph

(Sponsored Rank Graph)

You can follow how your keywords ranks are changing, track sales and competitor’s products. So you will be able to see the best sales rank and reviewers rating. Here, on this screenshot you can see. On the app page, just a click and it shows both your organic and sponsored ranks.

If any initial product is added to AsinKey, all other products are going to be tracked as well. You can alter or update your keywords and products whenever you like. The Keyword Ranking is updated twice a day and Sales Ranking is updated once a day.

Knowing where your products are ranking for their keywords with one glance and tracking your competitors’ products, you can see when they make a change that works.

Tracking your product’s keyword rankings and monitoring and  how they behave over time gives you clear understanding on how you have optimized your listing, whether you should change or improve some things for better rankings, etc.

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