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Know where your products are ranking for their keywords with one glance. Track your competitor’s products so you can see when they make a change that works.

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Super URLs come as exceptional tools for increasing your ranking and improving the performance of your listing.

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My experience with Asinkey was an absolute success. Smooth and simple design of the interface and simple sign up process was just the beginning. I found Asinkey as the best working tool to optimize and improve product selling on Amazon. One of the most optional tools by Asinkey is Amazon keyword tool that makes possible to get rankings on a daily basis by choosing keyword.

The best thing is yet to come. Amazon SEO organizes your keywords making them absolutely relevant for Amazon search results. In a shortest period I got a 100% result with Asinkey. The secret of my new products’ success in Asinkey.

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Quickly identify what’s bringing your conversion rate down and fix it.

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I have been successfully using Asinkey to keep an eye on my competitors for a long time now. With the help of this tool now it is easier to find the right keywords for my products. It also allows to check my keyword progress on daily basis, which highly contributes on my sales growth.
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Edward Barnard

I have tried multiple offers and tools to boost my sales on Amazon. Now I am really thankful to Asinkey, which helped me to solve my problems easily and fast. It is even possible to learn about your monthly keyword volumes. It is not expensive and the information is always up to date. Finally a real all-in-one tool is available.
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Ann Wagley

Being a new seller in Amazon is not an easy job. You have to learn how to add your products, how to write appropriate descriptions and titles, how many photos to attach and so on... But,fortunately, due to the On Page Analyzer tool, this process is really simple and fast now.
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Avril Houser


Asinkey helps you find thousands of keywords and get better rankings

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Asinkey for Amazon

Dear users, if you are tired of trying to find the best tool for real Amazon keyword, think of Asinkey, since it is the most fabulous place to get the desired ones. Due to our skillfulness we readily unfold client’s research on Amazon, even if it is about tricky phrases and algorithms. Generally, Asinkey involves thousands of compatible keywords for SEO purposes. Unlike numerous other Amazon keyword tools, Asinkey stands out with its wonderful technical specifications and searching tactics. Perhaps this is the greatest tool to use as it is totally free for the first 7 days.

ASIN Reverse-Lookup

ASIN puts on the powerful keywords of Asinkey on the main page of the search result, and those keywords have been categorized under the recent database update. When it comes to a reverse search, it gives a chance to explore the keywords that are used by ASIN to bring out the most part of its organic sales.

Competitor keywords to Find Out with a Reverse ASIN Lookup

Many sellers are interested to know whether there is a reverse ASIN lookup to detect the keywords or not. And the answer is, of course, “yes, there is”. Asinkey has an amazing function of recognizing the keywords automatically. It may provide you with the keywords your rival or competitor ranks for.

What Do PPC Signs Stand for in the ASIN Search?

According to the recent Asinkey database update the entered ASIN appears on the first page of the results for certain keywords. Actually it is due to PPC ads (Pay Per Click). What is PPC? It is a special tool that comes in handy for maximizing the earnings of your products campaigns.

Other Amazon keyword Analyses That Should be Conducted

As soon as you are done with your Amazon keyword search and product optimization you have to find out the ranking development of the optimized keywords. It is the greatest option to assure that the realized optimizations are getting better on rankings. Using a Ranking Tracker you will be able to track the rankings of the keywords you have utilized.

Amazon Marketplaces that Cover the Asinkey Keyword Tool

No wonder, Asinkey has its special place in the largest marketplace on Amazon including the USA and Germany. If you go through our website you will find more about the upcoming changes and updates.

The Main Amazon Keyword Generator

If you want to find some goods on Amazon, you should opt for keywords on the search bar. The preferred product appears in the search result only if all the keywords are involved in the listing. Keywords are a steady factor for the perceptibility as well as for the service on the listing page. Thereby, if you want to discover Amazon PPG keywords and make your job easier, you should consider using Asinkey, as it guarantees an absolute result. Check out more on the Comprehensive Guide to Amazon SEO

How to Use Keywords with the Asinkey?

Actually the method of using Asinkey is pretty straightforward and clear. Your first action is going to the section “New product” and type your ASIN utilizing search field. Then it will bring out the product list, manage keywords, then keyword suggestions. Your next step should be introducing the searched keywords to the Amazon products. The fascinating part is that it is pretty effortless. Amazon seller tool uses very complicated algorithms in order to comprehend what goods will be the accurate match. This process will not last longer than several minutes. The purpose of this feature is to evoke boundless keywords for sellers for ameliorating Amazon SEO. The already produced offers are possible to find on Amazon without any difficulty.

Why Does Asinkey Not Show Keywords for Some Products?

ASIN puts on the powerful keywords of Asinkey on the main page of the search result, and those keywords have been categorized under the recent database update. When it comes to a reverse search, it gives a chance to explore the keywords that are used by ASIN to bring out the most part of its.

The Difference between Asinkey and Other Keyword Tools

Due to its versatile features Asinkey is considered to be a powerful keyword tool. Finding out the necessary synonymous keywords as well as Amazon search contents takes a lot of efforts in terms of searching. Nevertheless, the biggest advantage of this tool is that it offers absolutely free downloads and limitless usage.

The Way Asinkey Calculates Search Volume of keywords on Amazon

In fact Amazon itself doesn’t appear with any information on the volume instead it works depended on our own research that Asinkey is supposed to do from its own algorithm. Key figure variations and the opportunity to implement complicated calculations make Asinkey an exceptional tool to compute search size for every single keyword.

Can You Use Asinkey for E-Book Keywords and Kindle?

Yes! Due to our rich keyword database you can easily find out whatever you desire for E-book and Kindle. Asinkey offers all the search quarries that have ever been introduced into the product categories of Amazon.

Additional Amazon Keyword Optimization Tips

It is more than clear that the most useful and necessary keywords can be seen in the product listing’s headlines so that it could be easier to maximize perceptibility of those Keywords.

Which countries and Amazon locals do you support?

USA, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain.